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Top Coffee Choices That Will Surely Help Boost Your Mood

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We certainly have a lot of reasons to love coffee. Aside from keeping our creative juices flowing, a cup of iced or hot brew can give us the extra energy to get through a long day at the office or school. And the best thing is the fact that we can now enjoy our coffee in a lot of ways. For instance, it is common for a dessert bar in Sugar Land, Texas and other regions to serve the following popular types of coffee:

  • Café Latte 
    Ask for a Café Latte, and you get a cup of steamed milk and one shot of coffee. Usually served quite frothy, Café Latte is a favorite drink for those who want their brew to be milky and less bitter.
  • Cappuccino 
    This is a three-layer coffee that features one shot of coffee, one shot of steamed milk, and a layer of frothed, foamy milk. Depending on the barista of your favorite coffee bar in Texas, the top layer is usually a topping made of powdered chocolate shavings.
  • Espresso
    A cup of espresso is the one you should pick if you want to experience the pure taste of coffee. To make a cup of espresso, the barista pours boiling water through finely grounded coffee beans.
  • Long Black 
    To make a long black coffee, you have to prepare hot water in a cup. Then, pour two shots of espresso into the water. Doing the inverse of this process will give you another type of coffee, which is Americano.
  • Flat White 
    This cup of coffee is created by pouring steamed creamy milk over a shot of espresso. Flat white is popular for those doing the night shift, as well as for moms and dads who desperately want to stay awake.

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