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How Can You Tell If You Got a “Good Cup of Coffee”

How Can You Tell If You Got a “Good Cup of Coffee”

When we’re buried in paper works and tasks, we could always use a “good cup of coffee.” But when we ask random people about their idea of a good coffee, there’s always a varied answer. What really makes a good cup of coffee? Here are the four basic factors that affect the quality of the brew:

  1. Quality – You can say that you got a “good coffee” if the coffee bean used is of top quality. That means it doesn’t have any defects and has passed the standards. Like wines, coffee is graded using a 100 point scale, and those with 80 points and above are considered specialty coffee. So when you feel like visiting a coffee bar in Texas for a cup of brew, be sure to find reviews online if their coffee is considered a specialty.
  2. Roasting – The roasting process also affects the taste of coffee. For every coffee variety, there’s a specific roasting method that’s intended to bring out the natural and distinctive taste. This is the reason why a coffee and dessert bar in Texas and other states usually have different roasting machines.
  3. Freshness – Coffee should also be fresh. Otherwise, it will not have a unique and rich taste. The brewing process and quality will all be for nothing if the coffee itself isn’t fresh. If you’re really up for a real treat, visit a dessert bar in Sugar Land, Texas to ensure fresh coffee roasted and brewed to the right temperature.
  4. Brewing – Lastly, you can say you got a good cup of coffee if it’s brewed the right way. The beans should ground using a burr grinder to ensure even ground. The water used should be filtered not distilled to avoid having a taste of bleach in your cup. The water should also be heated to the right temperature, which can be between 195-205 degrees.

We at Decadent Dessert Bar, know that coffee is the fuel of the day for many people. This is the reason we commit to the quality standards and serve a “good cup of coffee” to every customer.

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