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sweet dessertWhen you think about Decadent Desserts, you can only assume it will be something so exceptional and so delicious that the person indulging in it feels the taste is too good to be morally sound. At Decadent, we want you to experience the most amazing desserts which we offer all day long. Decadent is the first of its kind — a fast and casual dessert bar in Sugar Land, Texas that offers the highest quality of desserts at a sweet yet affordable price. Everything on our menu is made from scratch, all day, every day, using only the finest ingredients.

Our coffee comes from the finest coffee bean growing regions in the world. Our blends are unique to Decadent. With every cup of our coffee, you experience a rich aroma and a taste bold and complex in flavors from the first warming sip to the last.

Whether you come in for our “Drinking Chocolate” or one of our refreshing fruit smoothies, Decadent truly has something for everyone.